Priyani from Sri Lanka – a Buddhist surprised at church


my dream is very different from any other. actually I am a Buddhist woman. but my husband and children are roman catholic. one night I saw a very beautiful young man coming to me when I was asleep. he came by my side and looked at me. he was wearing a white cloth and had a long brown beard. I thought that he was angry and frowning at me. then he took a chain from his chest and showed it to me. actually it was a cross. then he disappeared. i got so scared and opened my eyes. but i knew that it was Jesus. but the thing is I cannot realize that it was a dream or a real vision. because before that time I haven't seen Jesus much. and I didn't even think about him because I am Buddhist. but I do respect him. and the thing that most scared me was an incident that happened one month after. I kept this as a secret since then. one Sunday me and my family went to a church. I decided to go with them because they loved me to come. I forgot about the dream at that time. my daughter wanted to buy a photo of Jesus to keep in her room. so we went to s shop. she was looking all over and suddenly chose a photo. when I looked at it I was so shocked. I couldn't even talk. because that was the man I saw in my dream. his eyes were staring at me the same way in my dream. actually there were a lot of photos of Jesus in the shop but I never got that feeling. I don't know why my daughter decided to buy that photo either.

so please read my story and share your opinions about this. I really need to know whether this is a dream or a vision. And the message Jesus was trying to tell me. god bless you all!